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Latin Music Club Report is the magazine of the Digital Promotion Distribution Network.

The Digital Promo Distribution Network (DPDN) is a system designed to streamline record label service of music and video to Record Pools, DJs, Critics, Bloggers, Music Websites, Internet Radio, Promo Reels and Industry “Tastemakers.”

“I really felt this system was vital to reconnect the pools and the labels, so that there is a resumed dialog between these promotional forces,” explains Joe Granda, head of Granda Entertainment, LLC in Miami, which has promoted some of the biggest songs, video and artists in Latin and dance music for over 20 years.

"Due to the slow demise of the physical CD, the continual budget cuts at the labels, and now the absence of a printed chart in a national publication, the Latin Pools have been hardest hit. Because of these occurrences, we have for quite some time now been diligently working on our Digital Promo Distribution Network (DPDN), which provides instant access to songs, remixes and Video—it also provides immediate feedback from the DJs back to the label.”

The DPDN system allows record labels to virtually market and promote their artists by including biographical information, artist social networking, video, and iTunes links. The feedback submitted by DJs who utilize the system provides a very valuable tool for record labels that they have been lacking since most have stopped servicing record pools.

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