Gloria Estefan

What was the inspiration for your latest album, “Miss Little Havana”?
My fans have been asking for another dance album since we released the “Gloria” album in 1998. I always loved the idea of returning to “my roots” and then Pharrell Williams contacted me with a very clear concept and idea for the record... which eventually became “Miss Little Havana”.

After hearing the title track, “Miss Little Havana”, one might detect a bit of a throwback to the “Freestyle” sound—was that intentional?
It all started for me in the clubs back in the early 80’s with Dr. Beat... so the retro sound has always played a big part in my career. When Pharrell came to me with the concept of Miss Little Havana, what I loved about it was the fact that it is based on a retro 80’s sound. Recording this album took me back to the early Miami Sound Machine days!

How did it feel for you to work with someone other than Emilio as the producer?  
It was an incredible collaboration. It felt natural and so easy.  Writing for me is a very personal process, but Pharrell made it so comfortable. It flowed very organically... we clicked from the first day we stepped in the studio together.   

Tell us about the current single, “Wepa”—how did the idea for it come about ?    
The first single, “WEPA”, is an all-out, fun, party record -  it probably sounds least like anything else on the record, but the message of the song is to get on the dance floor and party til the sun comes up!

You are often referred to as the “Queen of Latin Music”—how does that make you feel?
Celia is the Queen of Latin Music, no one comes even close!

Do you think you might tour for this album?
Ah... the touring question - I decided to stop the world tours back in 2004 so I could spend time with Emily as she is still in school. I still do one-off concerts for my fans... and there are still regions of the world that I wasn’t able to tour during the Live & Rewrapped Tour in 2004... so I’m still looking to perform in those places.

What do you see in the future for yourself?
I’m so happy that after three decades of making music, my fans keep asking for more. It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to do what you love. I will continue making music for as long as you keep asking for it. I also have several other projects for film and TV that I’m currently working on, by the way!

How does it feel for your music to still be making an impact to people around the world?
It’s been so great to hear from fans that WEPA is being played in the clubs around the world - I’ve received tweets from places in Greece, Italy, Holland, UK , Spain, Argentina... everywhere. Iit’s such an amazing feeling.

The clubs is where it all started for us back in the early 80’s when we released Dr. Beat - so to have WEPA reach #1 on the Billboard Dance chart 28 years later is amazing to me. Life is all about coming full circle. And with this new record I’ve come full circle.

What are your thoughts about the music industry right now?
Well there is no more “business”’ in the music business!   Technology has forever changed the scope of the music industry.  While it has made music so much more accessible to the masses, it has also made it much more difficult to control and regulate it.   Nevertheless, we will continue making music because we do it for the passion and not the money!

If you had the opportunity to do any of “this” over….would you?
No regrets whatsoever! Well... maybe a few of my “hair” choices in the 80’s!  (Laughs)

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