Dulce María

Dulce María presents Extranjera [Part II]

After releasing Extranjera [Part I] (Universal, 2010), an EP of 7 tracks that marked her musical solo debut, Dulce María launches her first full-length album, available now in Mexico, the United States, Latin America, and some European countries.

Extranjera [Part II] (Universal, 2011) includes a total of 14 tracks, including her international mega-hit “Ya No,” which features club remixes by Gustavo Scorpio, Klubjumpers and Master Lujan.

In recent months, Dulce María has devoted herself entirely to doing live shows featuring material from the EP in different cities throughout the United States and Central America. The Mexican star, in association with Granda Entertainment and Club Papi, presented a National Club Tour  for the LGBT Community throughout the US earlier this summer.

Let’s chat a bit with this amazing recording artist and TV actress to find out more about the launch of her record. Please tell us a little bit about the release of your new album project, “Extranjera [Part II]” and the single, “Ingenua”-  is there a running “thread”(or theme) throughout the album?
We just released “Extranjera [Part II]”, which complements my first record. The new songs are incredible and they represent who I am and what I want to share with my fans.

“Ingenua” is a ballad that I love, there’s two versions: the album [full] version and a stripped-down piano version.

What was it like working on the duet with Akon on Beautiful?
Akon is super talented! I enjoyed working with such a big name. He’s a very humble person and I’m very thankful to him for letting me work on his song.

What is your favorite song on “Extranjera [Part II]” and why?
All of them have a meaning for me, thus all of them are my “favorite” on certain occasions.

What are your favorite style/genre of Latin music?

I like all kinds of music. I’m a fan of Bebe, Adele and I also love electronic music.

How do you feel that DJs, Clubs and Record Pools contribute to your worldwide success?
I think it’s great that DJs take their time to remix my music, and club airplay contributes a lot to an artist’s success.

What was your favorite song from the RBD era (or most memorable)?
I have a few songs that I love… “Lagrimas Perdidas”, “No Pares”, “Quiero Poder”, etc.

How have you enjoyed your recent Club tour and what was the most memorable moment of the tour?
This was actually my first Club Tour and I loved it. People are very warm, very sincere… they treated me incredibly well.

I particularly loved the San Francisco Pride Parade, it was pretty impressive!

Is there a particular artist that you are intrigued by and would like to Collaborate or work with in the near future?
I would love to work with many artists, in fact I just recorded a collaboration with a very well known artist that I’m sure you’re going to love, it’s going to be released in December. Soon, you’ll find out who I’m talking about, but for now… it’s a secret! (Laughs)

Do you plan on returning to TV anytime soon or in the near future?
Not anytime soon, I’m very focused on my album and concerts but perhaps I will at some point.

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