Gloria Trevi

“All of us involved put our entire souls into this project… we gave it OUR all.”

- Gloria Trevi

Please tell us a little bit about the release of your new album project, “Gloria” and the premiere single, “Me Río de Ti” - is there a running “thread” (or theme) throughout the album?
“Gloria” (or Glory), as the name suggests, is an album loaded with energy, light and power. I know it will make you “vibrate” because all of us involved (producers, designers, composers and me) put our entire souls into this project… we gave it OUR all. But I’d rather you see it for yourself.

“Me Rio De Ti” is a great song that is already finding a place in people’s hearts. It represents an incredible transition from “Una Rosa Blu” (my last album) to “Gloria”, all of it while laughing and having a great time.

What was it like to duet with Paulina Rubio on the song, “No al Alguacil”?
I feel like the important thing is not to compete but to cooperate; we teamed up and created a song with a fresh and playful vibe that basically says “NO!” to repression, “NO!” to anyone who doesn’t accept me for who I am, “No Al Alguacil”. It was amazing to be able to work together on something so fun, yet of such a universal nature.

What is your favorite song on “GLORIA” and why?
Oh! Don’t ask me that! I’ve had such a hard time trying to choose the singles because I love ALL of them. I think picking a favorite would pretty much depend on the way I’m feeling – or the way I want to feel - on any given day.

What is your favorite style/genre of Latin music and why?
I don’t have a “favorite” genre. I love music and for me it’s not “Latin”, “Anglo” or “Oriental”, it’s MUSIC! However, when it comes to songwriting I feel most comfortable with Pop.

How do you feel about DJs, Clubs and Record Pools worldwide supporting your music?
Happy, thankful, but most of all….EXCITED!

Of your “clubbier” sounding records, either English or Spanish, which is your favorite and why?
I love many of them but if I had to pick one it’d be “Dr. Psiquiatra” because it’s the oldest one (laughs).

Which of the hits that you have been involved in your illustrious career thus far has been the most challenging (or rewarding) and why?
I’d say “Todos Me Miran”, because many people told me how they wouldn’t play dance music on the radio. For the video, I wanted to have sort of a “split screen”, which gave the viewer a “mirrored image effect”. In one scene, there is a young boy coming out of the closet, and cross-dressing, while in another scene, there is a battered woman, but the woman prevails in the end.

“The song ended up breaking barriers with little to no support from my label at that time...”

- Gloria Trevi

The song ended up breaking barriers with little to no support from my label at that time since they didn’t have headquarters in Europe. But, it still became an anthem and even today you can hear it in Spain, France and Italy, not to mention Mexico and the US, oops! I mentioned it (laughs)...

Will you be touring to support the new album?

No, I will be touring to make money! (Laughs)

No, seriously, of course I will be touring, there is already a tour for “Gloria” that began in January. I’m going to be visiting various cities in the US, Mexico and Central and South America as well as Europe.

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THANK YOU so much for your time and candor in sharing your career with our readers!
Frank Ceraolo

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