Christian Chávez

Our Cover Artist, Christian Chávez is celebrating the promotion of his first solo album, “Almas Transparentes” for EMI Latin/Mexico.

He has recently launched his “Freedom” Tour in Los Angeles, and will travel to other US cities as well as Mexico, Brazil and Europe. The former RBD band member and star of the Mexican telenovela, “Rebelde”, Chávez has also been supporting his new album by performing at Gay pride festivals in Long Beach, California and more recently in San Jose. The “Freedom” tour marks a first in which Chávez will work with Granda Entertainment in a tour exclusive for the LGBT community that has long supported his career.

“Almas Transparentes” has just been released to radio and clubs with remixes by renowned DJ/producers Jon B, Gustavo Scorpio and Yaxkin Retrodisko for Granda Entertainment.

Tell us about your current album and new single.

Well, this is my first album as a solo artist and it’s called “Almas Transparentes”. The first single off the record is called “En Donde Estas” and right now I’m on tour promoting the second single titled “Almas Transparentes” .

How does touring on your own differ from your days touring with RBD?

It’s totally different now, as a solo artist I take all the responsibility, and I also miss my fellow team members, we were like brothers and sisters.

What do you think of the Club Remixes of Almas transparentes?

I absolutely love them! I think they give the song a “dance” and “fun” vibe.

Do you feel that DJs and Clubs help to market your music?

Yes, and I think they do an awesome job, especially during these hard times for the music industry.

What was it like performing at some of the biggest Gay Pride festivals this year?

It was incredible. I didn’t think these festivals would be so massive; I was particularly surprised by the audience’s response, gay people are totally devoted fans.

Who would you like to work with if provided the opportunity on your next album?

There are several artists I’d love to work with, but it’s gonna be a surprise!. I love when life surprises me

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