Sophomore Issue

Why can’t the Club Community be more like the Hip-Hop Community?

Dear Readers:

First, I’d like to thank all of our readers for the warm and positive feedback welcoming our publication and website into the Latin and club communities.  We appreciate your well wishes as well as your ideas and suggestions.

As I was contemplating a topic to write about for the sophomore issue, it was not difficult to decide upon a pertinent subject to write about in this second issue of the Latin Music Club Report.

In some of my recent discussions with various people within the club/dj/dance community, it becomes rather clear to me that many of us operate with this cut-throat “me” mentality.  While that may have sounded great in the 1980s, we are in 2010, and times are tough—not only for the record industry as a whole, but for the national economy, which impacts record buyers and club goers.  We might want to “adjust” our approach to a more “how can we help each other” mentality.

Isn’t this how the hip-hop community operates and subsequently have built each other’s various empires?  Haven’t they built up the mega-subsidiary labels that have made billions for themselves and their artists?  Don’t they all “guest” on each other’s tracks and promote each others tracks via mixtapes?  I really think that it is “they” who have been holding the “keys to the kingdom” since the late 1980s.

Rather than worry about who might be taking business away and playing “cut-throat” or “shady” games behind each other’s backs, we should be revising our mindsets to this theory:  “maybe if I help this person out, or work together with this person, they might do something nice for me in return, or return that kindness in the future”.

When we, as a community, fail to work in tandem with each other, we splinter off into various offshoots and appear to the world at large, i.e., radio, television, media in general, etc., as “scattered” and “unfocused”.

Unfortunately, this mentality runs rampant and pits us against each other-- which tends to result in counterproductive outcomes.  If we reexamine our relationships with some of our fiercest competitors and form some actual alliances with these counterparts, we might actually build a stronger, more powerful community that actually allows us to accomplish more together than we do apart.

Healthy competition is always welcome to stimulate us to do better, but when you incorporate the element of unifying with some (or all) of your opponents, it will sometimes result more times rather than not, in both sides winning.

I realize that some of you may be thinking to yourselves, “wow, what has he been smoking?”….but honestly, take a moment and think about how much more you’d accomplish if you formed an alliance with just one of your competitors?  I would imagine that in more than half of those alliances would result in both of you doubling or tripling your output/outcomes.

It’s just something that has been weighing on my mind and I thought I would share it with you.

Please enjoy our sophomore issue with warm wishes for a joyous holiday season and a prosperous 2011!!  



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