Inaugural Edition

Dear Readers:

I am honored and privileged to be a part of this new publication, the Latin Music Club Report.

When longtime friend and business associate, Joe Granda, approached me to take on the task of spearheading the launch of this new publication, it all seemed pretty daunting. My passion has always remained strongest for music, whether I was promoting it or listening to it. I’ve continued to keep my foot in the record industry pool, waiting for the right opportunity, even when the pool waters seemed rough, icy, and certainly at all times uncertain.

Once Joe outlined his vision of LMCR & DPDN to me, I decided to accept this challenge. I am eager to assist in executing his vision, as my main purpose has, and always will be for the advancement of the artist, their music and all of the people involved in the process who help promote it, from the dj to the record pool director to the record label.

Our main vision of the Latin Music Club Report is to create a new force in Latin club music, once again proving and legitimizing the power of the DJ and the contributions that a record pool can make to a specific market and region of the country in terms of developing and cultivating the Latin dance genre and its various respective formats of tropical, salsa, bachata, cumbia, banda, reggaeton, rock and most recently, urban merengue.

This new monthly publication, will be both an online and a physical bilingual publication, and will be distributed to Anglo and Latino Record Label Executives and pertinent Latin label promotion staff members, Major Market Anglo and Latino Radio Station personnel, i.e., MDs, PDs, Mixshow DJs, as well as any Media or related Publications which are committed in their continued support of Latin dance music, Pools, DJs and Clubs.

The Latin Music Club Report (LMCR) will be a newsletter type magazine, (no more than 20 pages, with expanded content online at that will do its best to feature and spotlight the DJs, radio personalities, record pools and specialized charts of music played at Latin clubs in the USA & Puerto Rico. The premier issue focuses on Miami.

In companionship to the Latin Music Club Report, we would like to introduce a system which could reconnect the pools and the labels, so that there is a resumed dialog between these promotional forces. Due to the slow demise of the physical CD, the continual budget cuts at the labels, and now the absence of a printed chart in a national publication, the Latin Pools have been hardest hit. Because of these occurences, we have for quite some time now been diligently working on our Digital Promo Distribution Network (DPDN), which provides instant access to remixes of songs as well as videos. Some of you have experienced it in our BETA version, and most recently, via FatDrop UK, which we currently use to service and promote our records.

This could soon become the norm for distributing music to the pools and DJs--- and in our efforts to working closely with the record pools, maintaining the constant need for feedback, charts and other pertinent information, we have created the LMCR to help bridge the gaps and connect all the dots. This will also become a useful tool for the labels, as they will resume receiving feedback from the street and can accurately see where their particular records are breaking around the country.

We hope that you like the initial layout of the magazine, as it is a “work in progress”. As we work through the first couple of issues, we will hopefully learn and understand what the most important issues are to the djs, the pools and the labels, and do our utmost best in satisfying all sides of the spectrum, providing the most accurate information to all, and a better working relationship between all involved. We welcome all constructive comments and suggestions!

Once again, our primary goal of the Latin Music Club Report is to reconnect the djs and clubs to the record labels, which will hopefully provide a face to many talented people who support and champion quality Latin music, as well as the remixes, which assist in helping to break some of the newer, developing artists. If there’s something we can do better to fulfill this goal, please let us know.

Please enjoy our premiere issue!



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