It was bound to happen, they have a lot in common and their paths have finally crossed. Both are deep-rooted artists; they're explosive, fierce, unique and masters of their craft. Anamor, an italian that seemingly spends more time at Miami and Madrid than her own home, became popular in 2009 with the track "Memelo", from the album "De lo tanto que te amo". Toni Salazar revolutionized Spanish pop along with her sister Encarna as members of the band Azucar Moreno, disbanded in 2008 after a 20-year journey.

The first time we saw Anamor and Toni together was only a few months ago in the music video for "Cierrame en tu cama" by the former. The video represented a fresh start for the italian artist at the hands of a new manager, Susana Uribarri. It featured not only Toni Salazar but also several men wearing very little clothes; among them Darek and Toni's husband Roberto Liano. Even though that was the first time we saw them together, their relationship started some time before when they met each other by chance at a restaurant in Miami. Musically it was love at first sight that made them record "TANGO DE PASION", the first single off Anamor's upcoming 2013 album.

"TANGO DE PASION" has a suggestive title that perfectly describes the meaning of the song and its style, modern and danceable. The banging music video shows off the chemistry between these two incredible artists and features a cameo by Julio Iglesias Jr. Without a doubt, you won't be disappointed.

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